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>>>> Knight Templar (1120 -- 1312) ; Chronology Part #1 <<<<

1095 -- The FIRST CRUSADE is called by Pope Urban II.

1099 -- Jerusalem is captured  by First Crusade, the Kingdom of Jerusalem is established.

c. 1119 -- A group of knights connected to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem found a religious brotherhood to fight Muslim bandits in the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

1120 -- The clergy of the Church Council at Nablus agree that the new brotherhood  is a valid religious order and King Baldwin II of Jerusalem gives the brothers his palace in the former Aqsa mosque: “The Temple of Solomon”, so they become “Templars.”

1128 -- Countess Teresa of Portugal promises the Order of Temple the castle of Soure on the Muslim frontier of Portugal.

1129 -- Council of Troyes (in Champagne, France).  The Order of the Temple receives papal approval and the Latin religious rule of the Order is established.

Early 1130’s -- Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux, writes “in praise of the new knighthood” for Hugh de Payns, Master of the Order of the Temple, to encourage the new Order.

1131 -- Count Ramon Berenguer III of Barcelona gives the Templars the border stronghold of Granyena.

1134 -- King Alphonso I of Aragon dies , bequeathing his kingdom to the Templars, the Hospitallers and the canons of the Holy Sepulcher.

1136-7 -- The Templars are established in the Amanus March, the frontier area north of Antioch in Syria (now Antakya, Turkey).

>> Reference:

Nicholson, W. Reynolds (Illus.), “Knight Templar (1120 - 1312),” Warrior-91, Osprey Pub. (Great Britain, 2004)

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